Megine Group of Company’s Malaysia is based in Malaysia, having facilities in both Malaysia and China. Megine Group of Companies have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of Plastic, Synthetic Compounds as well as Medical products. We set new standards in innovation, quality and the user friendliness of products involved in multiple divisions: Automotive, Medical, Packaging, Food and Beverage and Construction.

We are proud to be one of the first leading companies that provide multi productions under one body. Backed by a history of continuous growth of the industry we have continuously invested in Research and Development of our products. With the establishment of trademarked brands under the organization (Deltan, Ultra and Amadex), we aim to lead the industry with the highest standards and integrity. We are also an OEM manufacturer and supplier of these products to cater for global brands that has a strong presence in the industry.

Our customers and distributions include prestigious companies from the Automotive, Construction, Packaging and Medical. They all benefit from:



Deltan and Ultra are trademarks of Megine Group Malaysia and has its origins establish within the company. Through breakthrough innovation from MEGINE in the Automotive, Construction and Packaging industry. Our products are made with the highest standards and integrity for our market to establish a confident brand.

The Ultra brand of products are distributed worldwide for professional and D.I.Y sectors of the highest standards. Continuous improvement on both quality and cost is the driving force behind the brand.


Amadex was born from the passion of excellence and innovation. Our cornerstone of intergrity, dedication are strongly embedded in our DNA to all Amadex products. The core of providing a high level of standard and protection in healthcare industry drives us to excel. Amadex aims to continuously improve and refine the product line of medical products i.e. gloves to earn us the reputation as industry forerunners.

Headquartered in Malaysia with multiple distributions worldwide the Amadex product brand is associated with producing high quality gloves and other products using the most innovative and production capabilities today.

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